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You can enjoy the data/application sharing of either party’s computer desk-top in real time , multimedia playback, seamless video/audio synchronization, instant messaging…ext. with standard H264 hardware compression and other patented technology by a few clicks. In addition, no matter when or where you are, 3G and 4G wireless internet will assist you to conduct global videoconference at multiple contact points easily.

JetCom’s H264 quality videoconferencing platform requires only a general ADSL connection to communicate with a large number of people. Jetcom video conference platform is scalable and can facilitate conferences as small as three to four to as large as hundreds of people.
  Mobile Meeting Room
  Director’s Office (accommodates 1-3 people)
  Small Meeting Room (accommodates 3-8 people)
  Middle Meeting Room (accommodates 8-20 people)
  Large Meeting Room (accommodates 20-100 people)
Micro camera connected in by Jetcom’s encode card as a second channel could allow collaborative working environment to do quality check/group discussion on very tiny particles. You will not miss any details in the collaborative video conference.

Jetcom are the leading Video conferencing solution company, with experienced R&D team, we design the video conferencing software solutions, adapt hardware encode technology, develop Jetcom Jphone and PT hardware and firmware for providing our customer a truly high quality of data/multimedia/ video/audio convergence video conference total solutions.

With a great amount of success stories earned by helping hundreds of branches of large banks, we help you to build a strategic center for the global positioning of your corporation.
IT Industry
Medical industry
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